An Image of Empowerment and Success

Banoth Srinivas is our alumnus from Redlawada School. He was a very diligent boy who applied himself to his studies and participated in extracurricular activities for personal development too.

After Class 10, he completed a Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (DMIT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from Warangal, Telangana.

He is now working as an MRI lab technician in Khamman and earning a good salary that allows him to support himself and his family. He says, “RDF gave me good skills, good discipline which have allowed me to create a good life for myself. I was able to build my self-confidence while studying there, learned how ot solve critical problems in real life and stay on my feet.”

Srinivas is a beautiful example of what empowered living looks like and this has always been our vision for our deserving rural children – educate them using holistic methods, engage with them and our ecosystem through various activities and relationship, thus empowering them to feel confident and take charge of their lives.

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