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A Caring Environment..and some carom!

A nurturing environment in school – the support of friends and teachers can have such a positive impact on a student who is struggling – this is something we see time and again in our schools.

Hajekhan is a young Class 3 student in Mandal Parishad Primary School. He comes from a humble background, like most students in the school. His father is an electrician in a private company and his mother works as an ‘ayamma’ in a local college.

Hajekhan is a quiet boy who has not yet reached his potential academically and struggles with the language as his family only speaks Urdu at home. As both parents work in order to make ends meet, he also is unable to get support in his studies at home. He gets some help from his older sisters, but due to their own academic pursuits, they can only help him so much.

But Hajekhan is a spirited boy who loves to make friends and spend time with them. This spirit helps him to a large extent in applying himself to whatever he does. His teachers are also patient with him, indulging his obsession with carom! Actually, playing games, talking to children about their life, their problems is a proven way to bond with them – it helps them open up and trust the adults working with them. He says he wants to become a doctor, so his teachers are helping him realise that he needs to put in a lot of work academically, in order to realise his dreams.

The school team has also been counselling his parents to spend more time with him and try and give him some attention at home and help him with homework. This support network has helped his parents who are trying their best to follow the school’s recommendations. Since all children are provided free stationery, midday meal and snacks and uniforms, they feel very happy and grateful as it eases the financial pressure. They have seen the positive changes in their son and are happy to have him continue in this school till class 10.

Young Hajekhan has also responded optimistically to the care and attention given to him. He even played less carom during final exams preparation, spent more time studying and passed his final exams with a wonderful ‘B’ grade! Well done, Hajekhan! We know you have a beautiful spirit and you will go places, hopefully always with a carom board!!


The Story of Spunky Shubham

Shubham is a sweet, little 8 year old, studying in Class 3 in the TMF-RDF partnership school, Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahadurapally. Now a darling of the teachers, who always has a huge smile on his face, Shubham had a rough start in the school.

Born in rural Maharashtra, his parents decided to move to Hyderabad in order to have a better quality of life, after suffering tremendously in drought ridden districts in Maharashtra. The move was of course upsetting for little Shubham who had to leave his extended family and friends behind. Not knowing the local Telugu language also made his transition to life in Bahadurapally difficult. His parents procured jobs soon enough – his father works as a lorry driver, while his mother works as an ‘ayah’ in a local college on daily wages.

On joining MPPS, Shubham felt quite lost in the early months. He could not follow anything in class, hence could not keep up with his classmates and the syllabus. The language barrier also proved tough for him, resulting in his not being able to speak, read or write and understand what anyone was saying! But Shubham is a spunky guy – he earnestly tried to understand and learn what he could and he managed to pass with average marks – a great effort for someone who didn’t really understand what was going on in class!

Shubham (exteme L), happy at play with his friends

We have to point out that the teachers extended a lot of patience towards him, letting him learn at his own pace, understanding that he will learn when he’s comfortable and integrates better into the school and local environment. Once he was in Class 2, he began to understand some Telugu and English words and letter. He also began to make friends, which made him really happy. He became more participative in class, enjoying play time with his new friends and also working hard at reading and writing. Over a period of time, he began to pick up the language and express himself as best as he could to his teachers and classmates.

Shubham (L), the carrom champ!

We are proud to say that Shubham has adjusted well – his strong spirit and the supportive environment created by his teachers going a long way in helping him become the confident boy he is today. If you would like to see Shubham, you will find him intensely playing carom – a game he loves! His parents are very relieved to see him as he is today and are very grateful to RDF and TMF staff for providing whatever Shubham needed in order to blossom. Shubham has vowed to study in MPPS till he completes Class 10 because he loves the school! What better testimonial towards a school other than the transparent love expressed by a child?!

An Extraordinary Turnaround

Little Abdul, posing

We love to share stories of change from the RDF community as well as from the Bahadurapally Government schools that are part of a quality education initiative between RDF and Tech Mahindra Foundation. We love to hear and share stories of how children are blossoming in the school environment, especially because of the painstaking work that has been spent on training teachers on how to build rapport with children and encourage child centric methodologies.

Asleep in class!

Abdul Salam is an orphan who was sent to study in the Mandal Parishad Primary School by the Shishu Vihar orphanage. When he first joined the school, he was lackluster. He didn’t participate in any classroom activities or even extra curricular ones; he only liked playing in the mud, wander around the school corridors and sleep. There were also some behavioural issues such as disturbing the class, rudeness, not listening to teachers’ instructions and lack of proper hygiene in using the toilet. In any other school, he would have been reprimanded, punished or asked to leave. But his teachers did not do so.

They showed a tremendous amount of patience and care towards him. They understood his background and life circumstance and how hard his life had been. So they gave him total freedom to go in and out of the class as per his wish. He was allowed to sit, sleep, read or do anything that interested him while in class. They also taught him to how use the toilet properly. Hence, over a period of time, he began trusting his teachers and classmates and his behavior changed for the better. Now he participates in class, enjoys playing with his friends rather than being alone and speaks well – he loves to recite stories and rhymes and has become so friendly that every teacher wants to chat with him!

Engrossed in work with a classmate

What better testament as to how teachers’ attitudes have a strong influence on a child? Abdul has had a complete turnaround and we couldn’t be happier to see him as the bright, sincere boy that he really is!

Republic Day Celebrations

MPPS Bahadurapally had a grand celebration on the occasion of India’s 69th Republic Day on 26th January 2018. Students and staff prepared an excellent event, practicing songs, dance and speeches for many days! The Chief Guest was Mr. Mallaiah – the Chairman of the school’s SMC. The programme started with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Village Sarpanch and other members of the village development committee.

Students of Classes 1 – 5 then presented their well thought out and colourful songs and dances which enthralled the audience. Parents and other villagers were present in full attendance to watch the children’s enthusiastic performances. Staff and students gave speeches in both Telugu and English, which made everyone very proud, given that public speaking and presenting in English has been a challenge which is being overcome through various forms of training.

There was also a prize distribution ceremony, in which the Headmaster invited the parents to give away the prizes. The prizes, sponsored by TMF and RDF, comprising of games and sports equipment, stationery and snacks, were given away for student achievements in sports, extracurricular activities and academics. Children were thrilled with their prizes as they can be utilized in their school work.

The day ended with bananas being distributed to everyone and conveying our heartfelt thanks to the support of TMF and RDF staff, as well as the parents and the village community.

Teachers’ Skill Development

RDF has been partnering with Tech Mahindra Foundation for the past 4 years in order to improve the quality of education in 2 Government schools that TMF has adopted. The School Quality Improvement Program (SQIP) involves RDF planning and implementing best practices to enhance the teaching and learning environment in Zilla Parishad High School and Mandal Parishad Primary School in Bahadurapally. An integral part of this approach is the skill development of government school teachers through visiting RDF schools and being mentored and trained by senior staff from RDF schools. This is an established practice in all RDF schools, wherein teachers visit other schools to observe classes and processes in order to share and learn from one another. This fosters a spirit of team work and harmony amongst schools, teachers and children.

Introductions during morning assembly

School observation accompanied by MS coordinators

As part of this skill development and learning initiative, 4 government teachers from MPPS and 8 RDF teaching staff from RDF schools visited Matendla School in Siddipet district. They observed the morning assembly which also provided an opportunity for the visitors to introduce themselves to the school. The children presented songs and stories as a special activity during the assembly to welcome the visitors.  The unique clapping system was really appreciated by everyone.

Examining the Word Wall

Classroom observation

Thereafter, accompanied by school coordinators, the visiting staff observed classroom teaching, sports activities, kitchen garden, kitchen and libraray. The display work in the classrooms and corridors attracted the attention of visitors especially in the pre primary block. They admired the ideas and creativity of the students. The teachers were mesmerized by the display of well organized behaviour of the staff and the students during leisure time and the midday meal.

 Each visiting member shared their observations, experiences and expressed a wish to implement some of the best practices like – systematic clapping, encouraging individual talent like dancing, singing, display work, following road rules in the school corridors using colour cones as dividers, using ice cream sticks to call student by name (names are written on the sticks), Word Tree to develop English vocabulary etc.

As a token of appreciation, one of the Government teachers, Mrs. Chinnamma offered biscuits to children and another teacher, Mr. Surendar, announced that the students scoring 10 out of 10 in the board examinations will be gifted with a cash award of Rs 2000.

We are happy that this program gives an opportunity to empower teachers to reach out and learn from one another, work together for everyone’s benefit. We are glad that the years spent in promoting and implementing such a practice is bearing rich fruit and that the culture of sharing and learning is extending beyond RDF schools.



Not just Teachers!

Children studying in rural and semi rural areas face such hardship in their lives, yet their tenacity at such a tender age leaves us amazed!

Rohith, now 12 years old, was all of 2 years old when his father was killed by relatives in a property dispute. Sadly, his mother, who was pregnant, was also suspected of being involved and was sent to prison, where she gave birth to her brother. Left almost orphaned by this tragedy, he was sent to live with an uncle who sent him to a state run children’s home. After serving 7 years of her sentence, Rohith’s mother was released and was reunited with her older son. With the help of state agencies, his mother is now employed at an all women’s petrol bunk in Bahadurapally. Both he and his younger brother are in the same class in MPPS, Bahadurapally.

Working together with classmates

Studying hard in class

With this difficult start in life, both brothers were shy and quiet in all classes, rarely mingling with their classmates. His teachers provided him with a lot of support, slowly drawing him out of his shell and make friends. Slowly, with his trust building up, he began to show greater interest in his studies and sports. He especially loves to play Kho Kho and Kabaddi. He has also shown keen interest in computers and with the help of the computer teacher, Mr. Anil, he has been doing data entry and becoming adept at using computers. Since he was looked after by an Army officer at the children’s home, he now nurses an ambition to join the Army.

Diligently doing data entry

His teachers understand his background and circumstances – they see it often with children who come from deprived, underprivileged and broken homes. It’s their care and understanding of children’s psychology that allows them to build bridges and help them open up to the positives in life. They are so much more than mere teachers of academics or activities. They do so much more with the circle of care and encouragement that they give every child in the school. With his new found confidence and his faith restored in life, we pray and hope that Rohith accomplishes all his goals and lives a happy and successful life that he so richly deserves!

Schools of Care

An atmosphere of care and support can work wonders in a child’s life. When children face challenges and constraints in their personal lives, receiving encouragement from people who care about their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing really helps to build some self esteem and confidence in the children. We are very proud that the team at the Mandal Parishad Primary School and Zilla Parishad High School, Bahadurally is doing precisely that. A partnership between RDF and Tech Mahindra Foundation to improve the education quality in the school has led to teacher training for the staff to not only build academic quality, but also understand child behavior and inculcate an atmosphere of nurture and learning.

Sushmita, currently a Class 3 student in the Mandal Parishal Primary School, Bahadurapally, moved from Nepal to India in order to work and make a better life for themselves. Missing her life and friends in Nepal, Susmita felt lonely and cried a lot. She wouldn’t not participate in class or mingle with other children during extracurricular activities. She was unkempt and distressed.

The teachers took special interest in her, treating her with a lot of love, patience and kindness. They helped her mingle with her classmates, encouraged her to play sports and games and hand held her in her studies.

Slowly, everyone noticed a transformation in her. She started smiling, began taking interest in her classes, started to make friends, sharing her lunch with them and offered to help teachers and students. Susmita continues to need support and her teachers and classmates give a lot of attention and affection to her, thus helping her to develop herself.

Simhachalam, a student of Class 6 in ZPHS lost his parents as a child and was put in the care of the orphanage ‘Kutumbam’ in Bahadurapally village. He loves sports and has an innate athleticism. This ability was noticed by the Physical Education Teacher at ZPHS who took him under his wing to train him. He has been participating at the school level and is being groomed to participate in the Mandal level games. The orphanage also has a sports trainer, so Simhachalam is really enjoying all this time spent playing his favourite sports of Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. “I love to play and look forward to our sports period. When we play, everyone is treated equally and only our talent in playing the sport is considered by our PET”, he says. His ambition is to join the Army. “I workout daily to keep myself physically fit. I run, walk and do exercises everyday because I know that to be in the Army, I need to be fit and have mental and physical stamina.” The school provides special snacks to students who are training in sports and he feels that the snacks and meals provided by the school give him the required stamina and health as they are high in nutrition and healthy. We really hope that Simhachalam realizes his dream of becoming a good sportsperson and join the Army when he is older.

We are very proud of the efforts of all the teachers who understand students’ situations and are able to make a difference in their lives. Thank you to the MPPS and ZPHS team, for once again caring for all the children, allowing them to blossom in their own, unique way.