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Sincerity is Thy Name, Rahul

Rahul (centre) helping his classmates with class work

Sincerity is an abiding quality that we see in our rural students. It guides them to put in their best in everything they engage in. Rahul is a Class 4 student in the Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership government Mandal Parishad Primary School. At a tender age, he lost both parents and is looked after by his grandparents. Kindness and an honest dispostion is a hallmark in Rahul’s character.He loves to take care of younger students and enjoys doing various chores in school. He looks upto his grandparents and teachers and believes in the Telugu saying, “Peddala Maata Saddi Moota” (The words of the elders are silent).

One day he found Rs. 500 in his classroom. Without a thought, he turned in the money to the school in charge who appreciated Rahul and made a special announcement about his honest act during morning assembly. He has set his sights high and wants to be a doctor. Though an average student academically, he is pushing himself to do better, so that he can achieve his goals. Watching Rahul always brings a smile to everyone’s face! Though his past has been tragic, we pray that his beautiful energy and kind spirit guide him to the best future for him.

A Touching Turnaround

We love to share stories of turnarounds for our students as we believe that a supportive environment in school, when students do not get that care and attention at home, is instrumental in creating this positive shift for them.

Upender came to the Tech Mahindra Foundation-RDF partnership government Primary school in Class 2, from an orphanage. He was visibly mentally disturbed and had no interest in being in school. He would keep running away and be brought back by the local police. He couldn’t read, write and had difficulty grasping subject matter. His orphanage hostel warden requested the school to take extra care of him, which they did.

Now in Class 5 and with the consistent encouragement and patience shown by the school staff, Upendar has become more mellow and balanced. In the process, he discovered his talent in art and craft. He can sit quietly for hours, drawing cartoons, loves to make craft items with waste paper and also helps make clay Lord Vinyaka idols during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival!

Cheerfully distributing snacks

He is mentally differently abled, but with the love and support of the school, he demonstrates a high degree of independence, responsibility and leadership in undertaking various activities. He gets the stage ready for school assembly everyday, he helps serve snacks and sets the ‘walking cones’ for the student queues. He does all this without being asked!

Getting kids in line for lunch, with a smile on his face

We are deeply grateful to all his teachers and school friends who have helped Upender regain a sense of purpose in his life. Their care has helped this young boy feel safe and nurtured which has turned his life around. He will continue to need support in order to become even more fully independent as he grows up. We hope many more will come forward to help him in whatever way they can.

Inspiring through Art

Coming from very humble backgrounds, our students make us so proud with their spirit and what they are able to achieve. Md. Fathima is an alumnus of MPPS, Bahadurapally. With the RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership breathing new air into the school, many students like Fathima really blossomed.

A curious, active and intelligent girl, Fathima threw herself wholeheartedly into everything she did. Art was an area of inspiration for her and she was encouraged by the school Headmaster and her teachers.  Now a 1st Year Intermediate student, keen to pursue medicine, she continues to hone her drawing and artistic skills. Recently, the local ‘She-Team’ which have been set up by the Telangana Government for the safety and security of women, conducted a drawing competition on ‘Harassment of Girls’, in which she did very well and received a ‘Bala Mitra’ (Friends of Children) award at the District Level. The award was presented by Hyderabad Commissioner, V.C. Sajjanar and renowned educationist, Dr. Chukka Ramaiah. She felt very proud of receiving the award from such eminent personalities and being recognized for her talent.

We are proud that Fathima is being socially conscientious and can inspire women through her artwork. We wish Fathima the very best in life and with her enthusiasm, we are sure she will continue to do very well in whatever she chooses to do.

Hands-On Health & Hygiene

RDF is using its best practices that have created a positive impact in the lives of rural children and in its school, in its Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) partnership primary school too.

Health and Hygiene form a very important component to life in school. Teachers and selected student body representatives teach and monitor several aspects of health and hygiene such as the cleanliness of washrooms, wearing slippers to use toilets, how to flush after using the toilet and washing hands and legs with soap. By rotations, students monitor the cleanliness and personal hygiene habits of the children.

A high level of hygiene is also maintained during food preparation, lunch and snack times. Children are taught to wash their hands before and after eating, rinsing their mouth to avoid bad odour, then washing their plates without wasting water. Food is prepared by the non teaching staff using strict cleanliness code, including preparing nourishing and healthy food using local produce either from the school’s own garden or sourced from nearby farmers.

This focus goes a long way in preserving a clean and healthy environment in the school, one which invigorates the body and mind! Who doesn’t love a clean environment to study in, reflecting the care of the entire school community?

A Foundation of Change

(L) Rama Devi & (R) Srikanth, leading a Bonalu procession

The Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership in the 2 Government schools in Bahadurapally, is creating positive change in the lives of rural children and their families, just like the impact being created in the RDF communities. Therefore, it makes us very happy to see former RDF students come and work in these schools.

Rama Devi, with her PS students

Rama Devi, helping during a Health Camp

Rama Devi is a Primary teacher in MPPS. After finishing her entire schooling in RDF Kalleda School, she went on to do her B.A., inspired by her caring teachers at RDF. Having received the benefits of a high quality teaching-learning environment as a student, Rama Devi puts the same care and dedication into her own teaching practice. Her enthusiasm for sports and cultural activities as a student can be seen even now as a teacher, thus making her one of the most popular teachers in the school!

Srikanth, playing with PS kids

Likewise, Srikanth, joined as a Non Teaching Staff in the school. Highly dependable and friendly, Srikanth manages security, snack time and looks after the organic garden in school. He also assists the PET during inter school trips. Remembering his Kalleda school days, he happily joins the kids for play and fun.

Snack time!

Both of them are enthusiastically engaged in so many aspects of the running of the school, eager to make a difference! We are so glad that both of them have found secure jobs and are contributing to rural children and society in their unique ways! Their families now have ease of mind, knowing that their children are flourishing in their new jobs and a life free from poverty. Life has indeed come full circle for these 2 alumni.

A Bright Future Beckons!

The RDF-TMF partnership is in its 4th year now and the seeds that were sown in the shape of RDF’s best practices with students and teachers, are blossoming in myriad, beautiful ways. Today we celebrate the lives and stories of some more children from the 2 partnership government schools in Bahadurapally.

Akhil, in a dance-theatre programme

Akhil Chary, now in Class 6, was reluctant to come to school when he joined 3 years back. He used to run away from school and take things from his classmates’ bags! The teachers have been trained in understanding student needs, their psychology and work in ways to get their cooperation. Plus the teachers really care about the wellbeing of their students. So, his teachers extended lots of patience towards him which helped him slowly integrate into the school. Now Akhil is known as the ‘class clown’ making everyone laugh, plus he’s talented at dancing & acting too! Sadly, he’ll be leaving the school soon, though on a happy note, because he’s cleared the Gurukula competitive exam and will be joining their hostel. He’ll be missed and we hope we can see him again soon!

Sunitha (R), at a plantation drive in her school

Sunitha has completed Class 10 from ZPHS this year, with a high GPA of 9.5! An ace student, she also became adept at computers, sports, dancing and acting; all activities that were brought in to develop students holistically. In the kitchen garden, she learnt to grow seasonal produce and took care of the mango and coconut orchards too. The school has put in the miles to develop a robust extracurricular programme for its students, with the intent of recognising and building their skills. Sunitha has learnt multiple skills and with these under her belt, learnt under the able guidance of the school staff, her future looks promising!

We wish both the absolute best that life can offer!

Yehoshuva Shines!

In our everyday lives and encounters with children and educational institutions, it would be fairly common to see and hear adults being dismissive of children who don’t show abilities like their more hardworking or successful counterparts. They’re often labelled undisciplined or slow learners; such comparisons dealing a blow to their self esteem and confidence. However, RDF teachers have learnt there are often challenges in their personal lives and an inability to deal with them that often drives such behaviours. The teachers are trained to look beneath the surface, understand what’s really going on and create an approach from there.

The 2 Tech Mahindra Foundation and RDF partnership government schools in Bahadurapally have adopted such best practices from RDF schools. Take the case of Yehoshuva, a bright Class 6 student in ZPHS who was always in trouble, in school and outside too. Showing very little interest in studies or other activities at school, he was irregular, a habitual latecomer, showed little interest in wearing the proper uniform, was unkempt and behaved irresponsibility, with a tendency for angry outbursts.

His teachers gave him space to be and treating him with patience. This allowance of him to just be himself, not being compared and labelled and the encouragement given to him slowly allowed him to open up. His attitude changed and with that came an improvement in academic work.

He started coming to school regularly, with attendance improving to 90%! His anger subsided considerably and he started to interact and be nice with his classmates. Understanding how crucial validation and acknowledgement of positive improvements is in young students, the Headmaster called his parents and spoke about these changes. He was appreciated by his teachers too!

Now Yehoshuva is very engaged at school and plays khokho and kabaddi and has developed a keen interest in chess too. He is grateful to the teachers for helping and supporting him, not just academically but in his personal growth too.