Pavan’s Hard Work Pays Off

RDF children come from very humble families, where financial struggles mean that often times children also need to support their families in various ways, including financially, during school holidays.

Children are encouraged to set goals while they are still young and are taught skills in order to reach their goals. Starting young and starting with small, achievable goals means that as they grow older, they can take on bigger goals and succeed at them.

Dommati Pavan Sanju is an alumnus of Kalleda School, who, like all RDF students are sent to school in order to obtain an education that will allow them to get good jobs and make their families financially stable. Today, Pavan is working as a Software Engineer with HCL, one of the few students who got a campus placement with the tech MNC, after completing his degree.

He says, “My family’s financial condition was not good. My father was a toddy tapper and my mother was a daily wage labourer. I wanted to make their lives comfortable and also ensure that my younger sister finishes her higher education. She is in the final year of her B. Sc in Computer Science.”

“I was inspired to take up Software Engineering when my mother’s cousin got a job as a Software Engineer in Hyderabad, when I was in High School. I loved Maths in school, so I chose to study this in Intermediate and went on to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.”

“I focused strongly on my studies, determined to achieve my goal. I often interacted with software engineers to understand the skills required to do well in such jobs and the requirements of tech companies. I am proud to say that I was one of the few students from my stream who was selected by HCL during campus placements.”

“I am very grateful to RDF, my teachers and parents, who supported my educational goals, due to which I have a great job and can support my family.”

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