A Parent’s Contribution

RDF is a family and we value the contribution of each and every person who comes forward to help us, in big and small ways.

Mahendar Garu is a Matendla School parent. He is a very well qualified person who completed his post graduation and went on to teach in school and college for several years. Unfortunately, he was unable to support his family on a teacher’s salary and gave up his teaching profession.

He was always interested in art, right from his school days. He took up painting as a profession and is now the notable painter, Rajanna, in Sircilla and Siddipet districts, Telangana.

He heard about Matendla School and was impressed by our holistic education system and enrolled his 2 daughters in the school. The school team requested him to paint the world, country and state maps, which he accepted graciously, that too without remuneration!

He painted 3 beautiful political maps on the school walls. While painting the maps, he noticed children observing him and taught some drawing skills to children interested in learning.

We thank him for his kindness and generosity on behalf of RDF.

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