Rakshit – A Child Role Model!

Rakshit, a young student from Rollakal School, is showing leadership qualities at a young age. Born in a remote village to illiterate parents who graze sheep, Rakshit is already making his parents proud.

He is a responsible and cooperative boy, who does the best in any situation. When he wakes up in the morning, he completes his homework and plays with his younger brother to keep him occupied, while his parents complete their home chores. On the bus ride to school in the school bus, he takes on the responsibility of bus discipline. He also submits a verbal report to the school’s discipline committee!

A polite student, he wishes every teacher who enters the school and always has something nice to say to all of them. Leading by example, he demonstrates respect for teachers to his peers. Always alert and eager to learn, Rakshit has no hesitation in clarifying his doubts with his teachers. He also helps his classmates with their studies.

We are amazed by Rakshit’s sense of responsibility and discipline. We are sure these qualities will take him places and he will continue to be a role model wherever he goes!

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