A Successful Visit by the Mandal Education Officer

RDF Matendla School had a surprise visit from the Mandal Education Officer. He asked to be shown the school’s files and records of curricular and co-curricular activities that are being implement in the current academic year. He went over all the records thoroughly and was impressed by the meticulous record keeping.

He then observed the school campus, interacting with the Class 10 students. He decided to examine their subject knowledge and understanding, asking them questions in all subjects. Once again, he was impressed by the answers provided by the students.

He gave a motivational talk to the students on how to achieve ones’ goals which helped the students gain clarity. One fine day our Mandal Educational Officer visited our school surprisingly.

He promised the students that he would provide funding or scholarships for Intermediate education to the students who secure 10/10 GPA in the Class 10 public board exams.

He asked to show some important files and records of curricular and co-curricular activities that we are implementing this year. He thoroughly examined them and he appreciated us for providing quality education for underprivileged students.

The school team thanked him for his visit and for buoying the students’ confidence for the educational goals.

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