Little Children with Big Hearts!

Bommera Vishnuvardhan and Manicharan, Class 7 students from Rollakal School are our animal rescue warriors!

One day, during morning assembly, they saw 2 baby squirrels on the ground who were in danger from a dog. They immediately shooed the dog away and rescued the baby squirrels from imminent injury or death.

In order to keep them safe, they put them in a box and looked after them for 3 days. They realized that the mother squirrel may be looking for them, so they put them on a high tree branch, where the dog wouldn’t reach them.

It was a delight to see that the mother squirrel found them and whisked them away to safety. A family reunion to always remember!

It was a beautiful learning for everyone, that all creatures deserve our help and that we should come forward to help in any way we can. We are so happy to see our young children show such sensitivity to the plight of creatures around them.

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