Setting Up Rural Children for Sports Success

Developing our rural children’s’ physical and mental ability and wellbeing is a cornerstone in RDF’s education philosophy. Over the decades, we have delighted in the number of students taking up various sports going up in significant numbers. We have followed their journeys intently, building them up with kindness and encouragement when they don’t succeed, developing a love of the sport in them; and celebrating every participation and award!

20 students from Matendla School participated in the District level Athletic Meet that was conducted by the Telangana State Government in Siddipet.

We proudly announce that Ch. Pavani won a Silver medal in this meet.

We deeply thank our Physical Education Teachers who are committed to the development of every student, with their regular training session. We know that the teachers’ hard work is paying up when we see the students showing up every single day before and after school hours for practice!

We are so proud of our school teams and the nurturing environment that they provide to our students that enables them to do well in the sports arena and in the classroom too!

This is possible with their regular training under the guidance of our Physical Educational Teachers. Every day interested students practicing before and after school hours.

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