A Community’s Helping Hand

RDF’s work involves not just ensuring rural students’ academic success and personal development, but also the well-being of the community that we belong to and serve.

We are honoured to have as our supporters, not just school parents, but members of the wider community too. Therefore, Matendla School team were compelled into action to help Sri Perumandla Balraju and family, who have been struggling financially since he unfortunately became paralysed 6 years ago. They family had already spent Rs. 15 lakhs on his treatment, with no progress in his health. His wife has been taking care of him tirelessly all these years. His 3 sons are school alumni and Balraju, known for his helping nature, donated some items to the school a few times. He also sponsored the midday meal 5 times, before he was struck down by paralysis.

We believe strongly in community spirit, social responsibility and being of service to those in need. With this in mind, a meeting was conducted with the staff, students and the school’s auto drivers on how to help the grieving family.

It was agreed that a donation drive would be organised. The entire school came together to donate money from their earnings and savings, which was collected in the donation box. The money was counted in the presence of the entire school. Rs. 11,409 was the total collection.

Matendla School team at Balraju’s home, to hand over the donation

5 staff members and a few student representatives went to his home to hand over the donation. It was a very emotional meeting! His family members thanked the RDF community for their unconditional support.

We are proud that our students understand this spirit of service and gave generously.

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