A Wonderful Teacher!

Ramesh Sir has been a Chemistry lecturer in the RDF VAPV Junior College for 5 years. He takes a great deal of interest in the growth and development of our rural students. He motivates them about career choices, providing any guidance that they need.

He is an enthusiastic person who loves to participate in all curricular and extra-curricular activities. He is in charge of the Examination branch and JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) classes. Wanting to help the students in the best way possible, he collected 16 JEE and NEET books from his friends worth Rs. 5600 and donated them to the college library. These books are proving very helpful for the students.

The students are putting a lot of effort into preparing for these exams. With the help of the management, Ramesh Sir and some volunteers, extra offline and online classes are being provided.

We believe that rural children deserve good opportunities and are grateful for everything our staff, volunteers, donors and well-wishers do for them, to ensure they lead successful lives.

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