Dancing Towards his Dreams

RDF alumni are the flagbearers of RDF’s work to empower rural children in ways that can allow them to believe in themselves and achieve what they set out to do. Their journey and achievements are a great source of inspiration for the younger generation.

Harish, on the set of a short film

Harish is a Redlawada School alumnus who always wanted to be an actor and a dancer. He showed a keen interest in co-curricular activities in school, always eager to learn dance and act on stage. He used to choreograph songs and perform them at various function. His willingness to learn and his determination helped him to become a good dancer.

He showed great enterprise when he set up his YouTube channel – Harish Raghava, to showcase his acting and dance videos. He choreographed his own steps to popular songs and slowly became popular.

Harish, in a YouTube video, on his channel

He got opportunities to work in short films and movies as a backup dancer. He is thrilled to be entering film industry and he deserves all of it! He told us, “I am so excited by this opportunity and I want other students to learn dance too. If I get a certain number of views on YouTube, I will get paid by YouTube too. In my free time, I will take dance classes for RDF students.”

We are so proud of how far he’s come and his sense of responsibility towards his former school. We’re sure our students would love to learn from him.

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