Anything is Possible for Girls

Gugulothu Manjula, an alumna of RDF VAPV Junior College, is an inspiration for rural girls who want to study and have a career for themselves. She is the 1st lady police constable from her ‘thanda’ (tribal village)! Her story, like our other successful female students, needs repeating, so that more and more rural families are motivated to educate their girls!

She writes, “I come from a humble ST (Scheduled Tribe) family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a homemaker. My sister was my inspiration because she was good at studies and she was also an archer. I admired how she balanced both, so I wanted to do the same.”

“I used to play kabaddi and volleyball in school and college. In college, I had the desire to become a police officer. However I got married while I was still doing my graduation and I had 2 beautiful children after that. However, my aspiration to do something more in my life was still alive. I am happy that my family understood and with their support, I started preparing for the Constable Examination.”

“The Telangana Government issued a notice on police recruitement which I applied for. I qualified in the written test but did not get a good score in the physical fitness test. I did not take this as a failure. Instead I decided to concentrate on improving my fitness level. I worked hard for 6 months and cleared the next round!”

“I am now working as a civil constable. I firmly believe that everything is possible for girls.”

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