A Double Celebration: Back to School & Children’s Day

Children’s Day on 14th November this year was special. Schools in Telangana have reopened after 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The children and teachers are very happy to be back in school, mingling, participating in classes and extracurricular activities together.

The RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation Government Primary School decided to have an extended celebration for primary school students. The celebration involved several games and activities being conducted over a period of 5 days, from 11th to 16th November! The children were delighted!

The school also had increased admissions this year compared to previous years; so it was a happy occasion for the new students too. The children participated enthusiastically in activities such as quizzes, games, cultural shows such as singing, dancing and theatre, fancy dress competition etc. It created a colourful atmosphere in the school. Everyone cherished the extravaganza even more as they were getting an opportunity to participate after such a long time!

Several parents also attended the programme, with some parents distributing chocolates, fruits and sweets with love, for everyone. It was a very successful event that was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire school community.

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