Writing Her Way to the Future

A goal we cherish deeply is to educate and empower young and passionate rural children and make them into socially responsible citizens. Over the years, the accomplishments of our students and their spirit of giving back to their schools, the community and society has made us very proud.

Sowgandhika, a 1st Year RDF VAPV Junior College student is using the power of the pen to write about social issues. Her family circumstances are unfortunate. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother works in a clothes store. Due to this, she stayed at a local orphanage with the help of her aunt. This did not deter her from participating actively in all college activities. She won 1st prize in a State level drawing contest as well as 1st prize in a State level Yoga competition!

She has always been interested in writing since her school days. The Warangal Chief Justice, on presenting her with a prize for Essay Writing encourage her to write on current affairs.

She says, “I am inspired by inspirational and strong people, like women leaders. I had the opportunity to meet the Warangal Urban District Collector, Ms. Amrapali Kata, the 1st woman IAS Officer appointed as a Telangana District Collector and Ms. Hima Kohli, the Chief Justice of the Telangana High Court.”

“I have written 150 quotations on various topics with my friend and released our book called ‘The Way of Beautiful Life’. Now I am writing quotations on social problems. In the future, I am interested in writing a book.”

Sowgandhika inspires us with her intellect, her deep thinking and the ability to write in an engaging way. We hope and pray that all that she wishes to write and communicate finds its way into the pages of many books!

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