Helping a Child through Compassion

Teacher training is an integral part of our holistic education philosophy. Working closely and compassionately with rural children underpins our efforts to create a nurturing environment in our schools where students can thrive.

Rohith joined the RDF – Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership Government Primary School, Bahadurapally, in Class 1 this year. He has an older sister who joined with him. His father is a driver and his mother works as a maid.

In the early days, Rohith was stubborn, refusing to participate in class activities or listening to his teachers. His teachers recognized that he was having adjustment issues and were very patient with him. They gave him the space to do what interested him, rather than pressuring him. In this gentle atmosphere, Rohith was able to adjust within one and a half months!

Now you can see a happy Rohith being active in class. He is interested in writing and colouring pictures. With him feeling secure and settled, he pursued learning to write Telugu and English with the help of a teacher near his home. We also appreciate that his parents are also cooperative and work closely with the teachers in helping him complete his work. He also helps his father clean cars in his spare time. His parents are happy for their son and his overall progress.

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