Learning Life Skills during the Pandemic

The pandemic and lockdown has been hard for rural families, with many losing employment and struggling even more due to acute financial hardship. We’ve seen many of our rural children rising to the challenge by helping their parents in their work and becoming an additional source of income for their families. That’s a very big responsibility to undertake at such a young age!

Nirosha is one such young girl, studying in Class 7 in Redlawada School. She is academically bright and loves playing Kabaddi and Volleyball. But during lockdown and the closure of schools, she could no longer participate in her favourite sports.

In order to keep active, she started helping her mother in household work and started helping her father in the fields. She learnt how to sow, harvest and weed. She especially enjoyed cutting grass to feed their cows and ox. She continues to assist her parents and has learnt the valuable life skills of family responsibility, working independently and balancing her studies and work. The pandemic has made these rural children even more resilient.

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