A Doting and Hardworking Son

Devaraju, a student of Rollakal School, is showing everyone how to remain strong in the face of adversity. His parents were daily wage labourers and unfortunately, his father passed away due to an illness. This loss meant that Devaraju had to step into the role of a breadwinner, to support his mother.

He is putting in an immense amount of work to ensure that they can look after themselves. His practical nature and taking up so many responsibilities at such a young age is being appreciated by others in his village. As a doting son, he is doing his very best to help his mother and winning everyone’s praise. His dedication is an inspiration to all of us!

This was very tough for him as he had to attend school too, but he was determined to make things work. He has taken up a job as a newspaper distributor, waking at 3 am each morning. After that he sells vegetables at his local market, and works at a mechanic shop until 10 am. He then hands over the mechanic shop to his mother so that he can attend school.

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