Shirisha Helps her Family

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many of our rural students take up responsibilities to support their families. Rural families lost their regular sources of income as many depend of daily wages.

Bhukya Shirisha of Class 8 in Redlawada School, is one of many students whose family was adversely affected by the pandemic and lockdown. She is a smart student and also a good Kabaddi player. Her family had to go to the city in search of work to support themselves.

Shirisha saw the hardship being faced by her family and was determined to help. So she took up part time work alongside her father. She would complete her online classes in the morning and then go to work. This has made her more independent and the money she is earning is helping ease her family’s troubles.

We are so proud of Shirisha for her maturity and stepping up to help her family!

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