A Testament to Good Government Schooling

We are really proud of our teachers and the efforts they put in, in order to create a nurturing learning environment. During the pandemic, they have stepped up even more, supporting children and parents to transition to online education and visiting student homes to check in about their challenges and assist with their questions.

The pandemic has been hard on rural families. Due to loss of employment and income, many were unable to pay private school fees. During this period, they noticed RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation MPPS (Mandal Parishad Primary School, Bahardurapally) teachers visiting students in the homes, monitoring their attendance in online classes and reviewing their home assignments and worksheets.

The parents were impressed with the teacher’s care and focus on the students’ studies and wellbeing. So, we saw an increase in the number of parents transferring their children to our partnership government school, MPPS!

One such parent is Mr. Ramesh who works at an electronics store and his wife is a homemaker. They transferred their daughter, Madhupriya from a private school to MPPS as a Class 5 student. They appreciate the teachers and the management for their hard work and service. We feel humbled by their faith in our work and that the future of their children is in good hands.

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