A Passion for Mechanics

At RDF, we always encourage students to pursue their interests and passions. We teach our students that learning happens everywhere and learning skills from parents is important as these skills can support them in life.

Polluju Srinivas is a Kalleda School alumnus. He was an average student in academics, but had a passion for motor repair. His grandfather and father are renowned mechanics in their village and it is their livelihood.

Following in their footsteps, Srinivas started assisting them when he was only in middle school. Under his father’s guidance, he learnt how to repair electrical and electronic goods such as TVs, fans, radios, iron boxes etc. His mother also encouraged him in this endeavour.

After school, he joined the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) to further hone his skills in this area. Now he runs a mechanics shop with his father and helping farmers and his community in many ways.

He says, Everyone should adopt the skill which is given by their parents. The skill will give a lively wood if we are in trouble. We should not neglect our occupation. “

He and his family were not disappointed by his academics, but believed in his skills and strengths. With the support of his family and teachers, he is now a thriving business person and is a role model for the younger generations to believe in themselves and go after their goals.

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