Chin Up, Chandana!

T. Chandana is a 2nd year student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. Her father is a farmer. Attending online classes during the pandemic and lockdown has been challenging for her due to poor cell phone connectivity. Classes are only being done online and Chandana realized that due to the absence of a cell tower close to her home, she was unable to get a clear signal and connectivity.

Despite the frustration of being in a low reception area, she learnt to be flexible. She attended classes on her terrace on standing on the stairs. She used an umbrella to protect herself from the heat of the summer sun. During the monsoons, when connectivity was even worse, she made a call to the subject teachers to clarify her doubts or she went to a friend’s house. She tried her best to attend all her classes!

She says, “My education is important to me, so I made sure to attend my online classes as best as I could. It was not easy. I am waiting for my college to reopen and start attending offline classes. I miss my friends, meeting my lecturers and co-curricular activities. We are doing our best in this pandemic.”
Chandana’s determination and problem solving skills in the face of her struggles with online classes has made us very proud.

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