Education and Service … Towards a Better Life

Harika’s inspiration – her mother

Harika has been working and pursuing her education goal simultaneously since she was a student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. She is a very hard working and bright girl, who has dealt with many difficulties in life, without breaking her stride.

She says, “I lost my father when I was 4 years old. My mother, brother and I used to live with my grandmother. We didn’t have a house to live in and didn’t have enough food to eat. My mother struggled a lot to bring us up. I closely observed her hard work which inspired me. She is the head of a women’s self-help groups in my village for the development of women and children. Watching her struggles made me determined to do well in my studies. I secured 9.8 GPA in my class 10 exams.”

“I worked in a clothes store for 2 months to pay college fees, purchase books and uniforms. I was fortunate to receive a fee concession and was a college topper. During summer vacation, I worked in a medical shop for 2 months to save money to pay for my degree. Fortunately, I got a free seat in Kakatiya Medical College in B. Sc, Nursing. I am now in 2nd year. I take tuitions to pay my hostel fees and have been topping my class.”

“I want to stabilize my family, so I want to pursue higher education in this field to get a good job. I also want to help other people like me to complete their higher education because I believe that education opens doors to lead a better life. I also want to adopt orphans and give them a better education.”

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