Anjali’s Life Learnings

Maloth Anjali is from Redlawada School. The pandemic hit her family hard, as it did many rural families. Her parents are daily wage earners and they lost work and income during these very tough times. Her father also contracted Covid-19 which made life even more difficult for them.

However, through all these unprecedented challenges, Anjali did not lose heart. A clever student, she attended her online classes regularly during the day. After completing her classes, she helped her mother with household work. She learnt how to make traditional recipes such as sorghum rotis (traditional unleavened bread).

 In order to support her family financially, she decided to go work in the fields. She took on all family responsibilities without any complaint. We really admire her grit and strength of spirit which helped her make many changes in her life in order to help her family. She says, “I have developed life skills during the pandemic. These skills helped me to develop myself and run my family smoothly.”

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