Anusha’s Personal Growth with Farming

Anusha is a 2nd year Intermediate student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. Her father is a street vegetable vendor and a farmer with a small 1 acre plot of land. Here, her father has been cultivating tomato, ridge gourd, lady’s finger and leafy vegetables. Anusha has always helped her father in the field in her spare time.

During lockdown, with more time on her hands, she took to farming more seriously. She learnt how to sow different crops and how to take care of them. She frequently clarified her doubts with her father who patiently answered all her questions. She asked her father to be given the opportunity to cultivate some vegetables separately. Even though she used no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, she got a good crop. Her father was very happy with her results and appreciated her for her wonderful farm work.

She says, “I love farming without using pesticides and I would like to grow more vegetables in this way. Every day I watch vegetable farming videos and want to do more. I am proud to be the daughter of a farmer. I wanted to show that a daughter of a farmer can do wonders in farming land. Nowadays there is a great demand for organic products and I want to grow organically grown crops. These days, everybody wants to get a white collar job, so who will be a farmer? I ask all nature lovers to choose farming too, whether as a vocation or an avocation.”

We love Anusha empowering herself and her community through advocating farming. She is a role model for her peers and everyone in her village.

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