Fruitful Results of Technical Training

Bhukya Chamanthi is a bright alumnus from Redlawada School. When she was 12 years old, she lost her mother. Inspite of suffering this immense loss, she continued to attend school regularly, with good attendance, while taking on household work too.

Not only was she diligent in studies, she was also the best Kabbadi player in the girl’s team. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree, following it up with training in Medical Laboratory Training. Her years of efforts have paid off and she now works as a lab technician at a Multispeciality Hospital.

Whenever she visits her village, she motivates the younger generation on how to study and succeed. She says, “I am thankful to RDF for providing me with good learning facilities. I learnt English and worked hard, with the help of my teachers to improve my English, even though it’s not my native language. Learning to use computers in school also proved to be useful for working as a lab technician.”

It makes us so happy to see success stories like Chamanthi’s, which provide a lot of inspiration to our students.

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