Teaching and Preserving Traditional Art Forms

Mahender Sir, teaching traditional songs to RDF students

Just like gems are formed in earth’s crust, our teacher, Mahender Sir is a gem born in the heartland of rural India. He has been serving as a teacher in Kalleda School for 22 years.

From the time he was a boy, he was inspired by the father to develop a passion for arts. As he pursued higher education, he simultaneously deepened his knowledge of mythological poems, folk songs, folk dance, film songs and local art and theatre traditions.

A file photo of a young Mahender Sir, performing a traditional theatre piece

In his long service as a teacher, he has never forgotten these traditional art forms such as singing film songs, songs of social consciousness, dances, monologues and ‘Burra Katha’ (folk songs), religious and spiritual hyms and recitation from the Bhagavad Gita. These interests are not just for him; he has a genuine passion to teach students too. He has participated in many cultural competitions, won many awards and has organized many school anniversary events.

A stage dance performance choreographed by Mahender Sir

He and his friend have also created a YouTube channel ‘Mahi Galam’, dedicated to furthering traditional music and socially relevant songs, bringing inspiration and hope to many generations. We have seen Mahender Sir inspire all our students in these varied and rich art forms, which creates a positive impact on them. These activities help preserve our culture and tradition by being passed down from generation to generation. In this way, the present generation can be a role model for future generations.

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