An Accidental Fall, but not Faltering

Pavan Sai, a 2nd year student in the RDF VAPV Junior College is showing us how a major setback in life cannot break his spirit and his determination to succeed in life.

Sai, studying in bed

The youngest son of a toddy tapper and homemaker, Sai is clever, academically bright and sincere. Sadly, his two older brothers dropped out of school, so his parents have always encouraged him to study well and make the most of his life. During lockdown last year, he learnt photoshop and editing to challenge himself and learn new skills.

Unfortunately, this year, he had an accident, slipping outside his home and breaking his backbone. By the grace of God, he got medical help and his back surgery was successful. However, his doctors have advised him to not move for at least 6 months. An active young man, used to be out and about on his feet, being in bed 24×7 has been hard for him. However, he has literally taken this in his stride, undeterred to let this accident bring him down mentally and emotionally.  He is following his online classes in bed and has received a lot of encouragement from his friends and college teachers, who are monitoring his health closely.

A visit from Sai’s college lecturers, who have been giving him strength & support

He has been watching various videos related to small scale industries, how to establish and monitor such businesses. He says, “I want to be an entrepreneur. I would like to establish small scale industries in rural areas to give employment to rural people and tribes around my village and develop villages sustainably.”

His strength of spirit is so inspiring to us. We are sure that he will make a full recovery and continue putting his fine mind for the benefit of rural communities.

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