Saluting Inspector Soujanya

RDF strongly believes in educating girls and our schools put in a lot of effort to spread awareness in locals about the importance of educating girls.

In honour of International Women’s Day, the RDF VAPV Junior College invited Inspector Soujanya who works in the local police station. Her life story about her determination to prove herself and be independent touched everyone’s hearts.

She said, “I proudly wore the police uniform at the age of 21 years. I worked hard and am not educating my younger brother and sister. I feel happy and courageous to be a part of the Indian Police. I believe a girl can do anything. Women compete with men in all fields. This is the right time for choosing the right career for your life. Work hard, be bold, be disciplined, be passionate and have strong determination. These are the characteristics of success. Don’t be afraid of anything and be ready to face difficulties.” Her passionate words resounded in the hall and inspired many girls we’re sure!

She motivated everyone to focus on their studies and be well read on different subjects in order to achieve a good position. We salute you, Soujanya, for the brave path you tread!

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