Loving Earth and her Creatures

For us at RDF, successful students aren’t necessarily those who do well academically; but also those who imbibe kindness and compassion towards all living beings.

The unrelenting Indian summer is very hard on birds and animals. The RDF schools implement a lot of measures to help such as increasing the green cover in the school campus, putting water bowls for birds and small animals and also arranging artificial birds’ nests, made from natural fiber, in order to save birds from the hot sun.

It has taken some time for the birds to take to these nests, make them their home and start laying eggs. In the early days, they did not stay in these nests for long. Now we are delighted to see birds laying egg and young hatchlings chirping from these safe havens. We are especially pleased to see a multitude of sparrow families, birds that have nearly been driven away due to development and urbanisation.

In olden days, farmers used to feed grains from every new crop to birds, but in the present age, their habitat is being destroyed. Our teachers sensitize students about animal and bird welfare by motivating them to practice environmentally friendly habits and create a good environment in school and at home.

The pictures in this story are from Redlawada School.

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