Girl of Steel

Forged in the fire of difficult family circumstances since she was a baby, RDF Kalleda alum, Ushasri, now 21, has proved that she is built of a strong mind and nature.

She lost her mother at the age of 2 and was then brought up by her grandmother till she passed away too, when she was 7. After that she was brought up by her father and step mother.

Right from the start, Ushasri was an eager student in academics as well as in design and arts. She worked hard and completed school with high marks. On the basis of her Class 10 marks, she got admission in Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and continued to study sincerely.

During this period, her father fell ill which created economic hardship for the family. Ushasri made the decision to work to support her family. She applied for a postal job and got an Assistant Postal Master job, based on her Class 10 results.

Now, she balances her postal job by working 5 hours a day as well as continuing with her IIIT studies to become an Assistant Engineer. She does this without complaint and with dignity.

Girls like Ushasri are role models for our students to show that hurdles can be overcome through grit and having faith in oneself. We salute her courage and spirit!

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