A Young Girl’s Will to Succeed

Lasya, helping a fellow student

We see amazing resilience and a will to succeed in our youngest of rural children!

Lasya is a spirited and mischievous Class 2 student in the RDF-Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership Government Primary School, Bahadurapally. Due to the pandemic, schools have been conducting online classes for primary school students. However, due to lack of technical knowledge, her parents could not support her in attending online classes.The teachers visit students’ homes regularly to understand their difficulties and helping the family with solutions.

Lasya, with her teachers, in school

During one such visit, her teachers advised her to attend school once a week due to her inability to join online classes. She caught up with her pending work very quickly, with just once a week attendance! She also took the initiative to share her notes with friends in neighbouring villages! Though she did not have facilities at home to study, she did not give up and made maximum use of the opportunity given to her by her school and achieved her target.

We really admire Lasya’s self motivation, leadership qualities and hardworking nature. Her teachers say of her, “If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles that stand in your way.”

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