Mounika’s Journey to Empowerment

We passionately believe in the development and empowerment of women and girl, so we’ve always advocated education for girls in the rural communities we work in. When we see our girls fly high, despite obstacles, we know we have covered very important ground for women’s rights.

Mounika, studying for her B.Ed degree

Mounika is a Kalleda School alumnus, who was bright academically and in extracurricular activities. Her parents got her married while she was enrolled in her degree programme. Her marital life was a struggle, but she didn’t give up on her educational dreams and completed her degree successfully with high scores!

Mounika, teaching in Kalleda School

Her marriage resulted in divorce. After this, Mounika made a strong decision about pursuing higher education in order to be financially and emotionally independent. She is now pursuing a Bachelors in Education and is also teaching in Kalleda School! She says, “I believe in fortitude and to be self reliant. I never gave up my strong desire to change my life and achieve my goals.”  Her tenacity of spirit is amazing as we watch what this incredible young woman has set out to do in the world.

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