Education and Innovation

RDF always encourages creative self expression among the students. Teachers always appreciate thoughts, opinions and ideas from the students, which also helps them to learn beyond their textbooks.

Abhishek’s labour of love – the model farm

Abhishek is a Class 6 student in Kalleda School who is good at academics and is always bursting with ideas about his lessons. His parents are migrant labourers in Maharashtra, so he lives with his grandparents.  Abhishek loves the village ecosystem and has a great interest and concern for the welfare of farms, farmers and farm animals.

Abhishek (in front) with his model farm

He wanted to create a small farm with artificial cattle, but his parents were unable to provide him with money to buy what he needed. Eventually, his brother gave him the money for his project. He immediately set himself to task by making a cattle hut with clay and toddy leaves. He also created a grazing field and a pond with ducks; filling in the tableau with other animals. Abhishek firmly believes that they live because of the help of bulls, cows, buffaloes, goat, sheep, hens and other domestic animals. This was his motivation to create the toy model farm.

Happy with his efforts, he shared pictures on his class WhatsApp group and was appreciated by his teachers and classmates. Self initiated projects like these always create a positive ripple effect with other students feeling inspired to create too!

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