Parenting with Patience and Love

Life in rural communities can be very challenging. It has always been RDF’s aim to support the local communities our schools run in, through sustained community engagement. Because of this, our schools and the local community have created long lasting trust based relationships.

Hasini, a Class 5 student of Rollakal School, hails from a family where her mother, Anita, is the sole earner as her father is an alcoholic and doesn’t provide any support to the family. Hasini’s father is her mother’s second husband, whom she was forced to marry by her parents, just a few months after her first husband died in a road accident. She had also just given birth to their son, so her mother was left in a very difficult and desperate situation.

Despite all these difficulties, Anita started tailoring from home and is determined to support Hasini and her brother complete their education. It is very humbling to see how hard working Anita is, tailoring day and night, while providing them with a nourishing environment created by her love, care and support unflinchingly. The school is also supporting them through financial sponsorship.

We have the greatest admiration for women like Anita and know that Hasini has a courageous and resilient role model in her mother. Through her mother, she is learning the qualities of resilience, hard work and patience which will help her immensely in her life’s journey.

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