Ramesh’s Rising

The fruits of hard work and determination are seen by us on a regular basis in our rural communities. Driven by a desire to lead a better life and help their families, many of our students go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

Ramavath Ramesh, an alumnus of Kalleda School, has been assisting his parents, working in farms, since he was in Class 3, in order to add to his family’s meager income. In Class 5, his father had an accident; hence he couldn’t work and stopped sending Ramesh to school. However,  Ramesh appealed to him to allow him to continue his education, while simultaneously working in his spare time. The school supported this and convinced his father too. When the school learnt of the family’s dire financial difficulties and inability to pay fees, they also decided to sponsor his education till Class 10.

While in school, his attendance was 50% to 60% and his academic performance was 80% to 90%, showing his fortitude to accomplish his goals. During Intermediate studies, he worked full time during vacations to pay for his education, while preparing for engineering entrance exams! His efforts paid off when he cracked the JEE and got admission in Mizoram’s National Institute of Technology.

We are full of admiration for Ramesh’s strength of mind and strong character. He’s an inspiration to everyone around him!

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