Crafting a Bright Future

The making of clay pots and cooking utensils is as ancient as the dawn of civilization! The Indus Valley Civilization was renowned for their clay pottery. This ancient art form continues to this day in rural India, serving as a source of livelihood for many families.

Anusha, a Class 10 student from Rollakal School, hails from one such family of clay artisans. Her father and grandfather make clay utensils and Anusha developed a love for this, watching the magic of clay pot making since she was a child.

She loves to assist her father and grandfather in their work, especially when she has time during holidays. She says that she would love to contribute to her family’s occupation by learning new skills and helping them financially in the future too. She’s also determined to simultaneously completing her education.

We look forward with great hope for her and her family’s future!

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