The Gift of Greenery

One of the best gifts we can give future generations is trees.

The depleting green cover across India is a cause for great concern, for the generations to come. RDF schools and its Tech Mahindra Foundation partnership schools are doing their bit to ensure that their schools and villages remain green.

Poornima, a Class 5 student from the government primary school, Bahadurapally, planted a tree on the occasion of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ (An Indian festival celebrating the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters) 2 years ago.

During a visit to the school to collect her worksheets, she realized that the young sapling she’d planted has grown into a big tree! She was thrilled to see it and it’s promise to provide much needed shade as it grows in the coming years.

Our students learn so much about nature, in addition to what they study from their textbooks. Poornima was able to see her classroom learning come alive because of the tree. Here she is, posing beside the tree, happy about her contribution to the conservation of nature.

Students are missing such team activities due to the pandemic, but she and all of us still want to share our joy that every effort such as this gives us hope for tomorrow and a gift for future generations.

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