Madhu’s Mettle

We feel humbled and proud to see the rural children we work with, display incredible grit and responsibility at a young age. Their difficult life circumstances notwithstanding, we see them, time and again, act with maturity to support their families or give back to their community.

One such student is G. Madhu, studying in Class 9 in Redlawada School. He’s diligent and sincere, who loves school, which shows in his 98% attendance! He puts in his best in all areas of school life, be it academic or extra curricular activities. He is a great Kabaddi player!

His father is physically disabled and his mother works as a helper in other houses. Observing his family’s financial stress, he decided to help his family by taking up a part time job as a paper boy.

He rises early for his paper distribution round and starts studies as soon as he reaches home! He also helps farmers in their fields and looking after cattle, in addition to this! His mother is proud of him and feel that RDF is providing a good platform for the all round development of her son.

We are proud of the strength of character displayed by Madhu and the care he has for his family. Students like Madhu are role models, demonstrating how determination creates resourcefulness to deal with life’s challenges.  

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