Parental Motivation during the Pandemic

Samreen, following an online class, on her phone

In present COVID-19 situation, the RDF VAPV Junior College students have been participating in online classes every morning and helping their parents wherever they work (agricultural fields and other local work) during the latter part of the day. The college principal and vice-principal have been visiting students and their families to check how they are doing and offer support, in case they are facing challenges.

Samreen, with her parents, at home

Samreen, a 2nd year Intermediate student, really appreciates the help and has come to appreciate her parents’ dedication and sincerity at work. She says, “Since I am at home, I can understand the home situation and how my parents run our home. In the evening, I discuss this with my friends, to see how we can help our families.”

The parent community appreciates the effort made by the college team to present online classes in interesting way, to keep engagement levels high. Samreen’s family said, “We felt happy to meet the principal at home. We understand how they are taking care of their students. He gave suggestions on time management and the value of education.” An added bonus is learning how to use technology efficiently!

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