A Happy Outcome

RDF schools are more than educational institutions and are a pillar of support to the local community. The vision of educate, engage and empower is the cornerstone of all our decisions and community engagement efforts.

Saritha is a bright girl who studies in Class 10 in Redlawada School. She actively participates in curricular and extra curricular activities, with an exemplary attendance of 98%. She’s also an aspiring Kabaddi player and dreams of many educational accomplishments, in order to become independent and help her family financially.

However, all this appeared to be lost when she sadly lost her father. Her widowed mother, a daily wage earner didn’t believe she could afford to send her daughter to school and wanted to pull her out. Saritha, sad as she was due to her father’s passing, wanted to continue her education.   She spoke to the school team about her problems. The principal and some of her teachers met her mother to counsel her on the importance of education. They also assured her financial support in the form of a fee waiver and providing her with free textbooks and notebooks, like all RDF students.

They showed her how RDF supports rural children through the provision of free midday meals, textbooks, notebooks and all round development. They also told her about her sports training which also helps talented rural children in many ways such as competitive exposure, admission to sports schools and college, government jobs. The visit put her mind at ease, showing her how valuable each student and their family is to the RDF family. Post schools reopening, Saritha will be back in school! She feel RDF is like her extended family and feels supported in working towards her goals.

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