Village Warrior

The Assistant Headmaster of Kalleda School, Mr. Ashoka Chary, has been a beacon of service mindedness during the Covid-19 lockdown. He motivated and supported local NGO ‘Manam’ to create awareness among the villagers, to prevent and protect themselves against Covid-19.

Some of the successful activities undertaken by ‘Manam’ are –

Distribution of medicated soaps, sanitisers & masks by NGO ‘Manam’ & Mr. Asokachary
  1. Creating awareness among people to remain indoors and to go out only when necessary
  2. Masks were distributed to 400 families
  3. Villagers were taught how to make homemade sanitizer
  4. Sanitation workers, Asha workers, attenders, electricity linesmen, community helpers and local policemen were given Vit. C rich fruits (for immunity), gloves, sanitisers and masks, to honor their tireless work during the pandemic
  5. Medicated soaps were distributed to 860 families including neighbouring ‘thandas’ (tribal settlements)
  6. Leaflets were printed and distributed to all household explaining the precautions to be taken against coronavirus

In recognition of this effort and selfless service provided to villagers, Pranavi Foundation, Hyderabad, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Chary. This makes the entire RDF family very proud! Mr. Chary has shown by example, how to respond positively in a difficult situation, how to serve people and how such programmes can greatly contribute to the development of villages and the country too.

This is a testament to the fact that RDF has always shown great social responsibility and has been at the forefront of mobilizing people for the greater good of the local community.

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