Never Give Up

 Badavath Venkateshwarlu, an RDF VAPV Junior College alumnus, has finally reached his long cherished goal of securing a government job! He was recently appointed as a Branch Post Master in the Postal Department in Medak District, Telangana. He is now preparing for a Group 1 post which is a state wide examination to fill government positions. His long term goal is to sit for the national UPSC examination and become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and work towards eradicating discrimination in society.

Venkateswarlu (centre), at work

An honest and upright person, Venkateshwarlu excelled in college. Hailing from an economically poor family, the youngest of three brothers, he was determined to not become a burden to his parents and do whatever was required to help his family financially. He had a hard start when he started looking for work as he trusted the wrong people. He went to Jharkhand on work, where he got cheated and struggled for food and shelter for three months!

Venkateswarlu’s family, at his village home

He learnt his lesson from this, kept his spirits up and returned home.  He applied to colleges and graduated with a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) degree, while working small jobs. It’s his ‘never say die’ attitude that has helped him move forward in life, despite hardships. Now his entire family feels relieved with his new job and he feels confident of being able to support them financially. We wish him every success to achieve all his life goals.

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