Learning from the Pandemic

The HM, Mr. Vishnu, during morning assembly

Pre-primary students enjoying activities with visitors

The unprecedented long closure of schools due to the pandemic has brought up interesting changes in the way our schools have approached teaching and learning in a rural environment. Our schools form an intrinsic part of the local community with the entire community having a lot of regard for how our schools deliver education plus also work for the betterment of the extended community. Many villagers support school operations in innumerable ways, even if they aren’t parents of children attending the school. There is a steady stream of visitors who want to understand our education model, the days are rife with many activities, creating a fun and nurturing environment across our institutions. All this has been missing since lockdown started. Students and teachers alike are missing being together in school!

Cultural activity in school

The Headmaster of Matendla School, Mr. Vishu, writes, “I am missing our children and staff, especially how the day started with the assembly activities. I’m very impressed by the different types of activities that the students do during assembly, such singing, dancing, acting, dramas and speeches. 

 I am feeling the absence of Telugu teacher’s rural folk songs. I am missing the gatherings with the teachers of different departments, engaging in creative discussions about how to improve teaching methods and making classes more interesting. Above all, I am missing the cute pre-primary children and teachers. I miss the communal school lunch with all the children and teachers, saying our gratitude prayer together, before enjoying the delicious meals prepared by our cooking staff. Last but not least, I’m missing the Parent Committee and their valuable suggestions during our meetings.

Students, huddled together, helping each other

 I know my students and staff are also missing their classes such as computers, sports, drawing classes and the numerous activities that all students participated in. At the same time, this absence from school is creating an opportunity to spend time with our families. It is a good time to build relationships; for grandchildren to learn life skills from their grandparents. Many of our students are helping their families in agricultural work. The children are helping spread awareness about coronavirus and helping distribute masks and sanitisers! There has been a lot of learning at home because of the pandemic. This is a spiritual time to pray to the Universe to protect the world from the Coronavirus.”

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