Nikitha’s Noteworthy Goals!

We received this moving letter from Nikitha, a student of the RDF VAPV Junior College about her educational aspirations, in the face of dire family circumstances.

“I, Dadi Nikitha, am studying MPC. I belong to a poor family. When I was in the 7th standard my father passed away. My mother does daily wage labour. She is the sole bread winner of the family. My brother is studying graduation and is doing a part time job in Hyderabad. I was able to pass in distinction in intermediate first year. During Covid my family suffered a lot. There was no work, no money. We had to make do with one meal a day most of the time. My mother sacrifices and works hard to provide everything for me. Now I am going with my mother to field work. I have managed to make 9500/- by going to the field and working.

 I want to become an industrialist in the future. I want to remove poverty in India. I’d like to educate people in rural areas to establish a small scale industrial corridor and create employment in villages. I want to conduct skill development programme for young boys and girls. I want to create innovative methods in agriculture sector. I want to involve all the young people in work and make sure they contribute to the development of the village.”

Nikitha has big dreams and ambitious goals for herself and rural India. With her grit and determination, we sincerely pray and hope that she achieves her dreams because she and every rural child, striving for a better life, deserve this.

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