Happiness in Helping

Prashant, with the flock of ducks

The ducks go back to their rightful owner’s family

In these challenging times, an act of kindness brings a smile to everyone’s lips and warms our hearts.

Prashant, a class 8 student of Rollakal School, has been helping his parents during the extended school closure by looking after their cattle and taking them for grazing to the hills. One day, while walking the cattle, he saw a flock of ducks wandering. Unfortunately, a group of dogs saw them and started to chase them. The hapless ducks got scared and scattered in all directions. Spurred into action, Prashant chased the dogs away and managed to gather the ducks together again! The only option open to him was to bring them home.

Word of his good deed spread around the village quickly. The following day, the owner of the ducks, a young boy, came to their house and requested that his ducks be handed back to him as they were his source of livelihood. Prashant was happy to return the ducks to their rightful owner, who was very grateful to him. Both Prashant and the duck’s owner parted ways feeling happy.

We are really proud of Prashant’s actions, his honesty, his presence of mind and his sense of responsibility, which helped a grateful family!

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