Samatha Can Do Anything!

It is amazing for us to see the resilience in the rural children we work with, who tackle the problems in their lives head on.

Chinnala Samatha, is a 1st year BPC (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. Due to very strained economic circumstances, her parents migrated to the city as labourers. Her father is an alcoholic and is unable to sustain work, so it’s her mother who provides for the family.

Samatha lives with her grandparents in Kalleda village and is determined to do well in life. She is clever and sincere in everything she does. A self motivated learner, she loves to read academic books to enhance her subject knowledge and understanding. She diligently prepares notes and does practice papers, which resulted her being the group topper with a score of 95%! It is this ‘can do’ attitude that is helping her progress in her education. She says, “I come from a poor family but I’m not poor in intelligence. I want to prove my talent and become a doctor. My mother is my inspiration. I want to do something for society and I believe ‘Health is Wealth’”.

We fully support Samatha’s ambitions and are positive that her attitude and abilities will take her far in life!

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