The Fundamentals of Success

The extended lockdown due to the pandemic is certainly a challenging time for everyone. With schools on prolonged leave, our school teams are coming up with innovative ways to ensure learning continues at home consistently. This practice is being followed in the RDF-Tech Mahindra Partnership government schools too.

Recently, Mrs. Emilia, a teacher from the Government Primary School came across a few students on her way home. The students, who hadn’t seen her since schools shut down, were delighted to see her and started chatting with her. Since she was carrying old newspapers with her, she decided to do an impromptu reading assignment with them. She made them sit, maintaining social distance and gave them newspapers individually and asked them to read. She was pleasantly surprised to hear all three students (Aishwarya of Class 5, Kavigna of Class 3 and Laxmi of Class 6) reading very well.

The reading practice done regularly in the school library is definitely paying dividends! The children spoke about their appreciation and gratitude to RDF & TMF for providing their school with a wonderful library. In addition, the practice work being given by teachers during lockdown is also helping students.

Mrs. Emilia appreciated the work put in by the students and encouraged them to continue reading to improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills. She suggested that they read lots of newspapers, books and magazines during lockdown. The students readily agreed to do this in order to improve their language skills.

We’re grateful to Mrs. Emilia for making the time to help her students. We love our dedicated teachers! Paying attention to the fundamentals of learning and practicing them consistently, as these students demonstrated, is a sure path to success.

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