Inspired by our Alumni

Matendla School alum, Haresh

RDF alumni are always a source of inspiration for our students. Being first generation learners, their challenges and success give students a lot of valuable information about what to expect. Life in rural India is very different to larger towns and cities. Hence, every source of information and resources work for the benefit of our students, who nurse dreams of furthering their education, finding employment and help their families out of generations of poverty.

Haresh, with tribal students at Gurukulam

Haresh, a Matendla School alumnus (2008 batch) completed a Masters of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from Osmania University. Inspired by the teaching methods of his school teachers, he completed a Bachelor degree in Education too. He says, “I am proud of the values provided by my school. My teachers motivated me to continue with my education despite my family’s financial problems. Their encouragement helped me motivate myself to pursue my goals. Now I am a Junior Lecturer (part-time) in Gurukulam (Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions) where I hope to inspire tribal children so that they can create a better future for themselves.

We are so happy that our alumni are always willing to share their journey with our current batches. They also always demonstrate a high degree of social responsibility, willing to share with others, despite their life challenges!

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