A Journey to an Empowered Life

RDF students taking life and their destinies into their hands, with a determination to move out of impoverished circumstances, make us very proud.

Gugulothu Dinesh, a 2nd Year Intermediate student in the RDF VAPV Junior College is a hardworking and clever student. As he saw his father’s struggles with work and money, he was filled with a desire to help, in order to meet his family’s expenses and pay his school fees. In Class 10, he got the idea of studying photography. For 2 months, he used a friend’s camera, learnt techniques and purchased a new camera; borrowing money with his brother’s help.

He started to take photos during marriage season or at functions. If that wasn’t possible, he used to give his camera on rent. His effort allowed him to earn Rs. 75,000 which has allowed his to pay off his debt and has enabled him to pay for his college fees and his family’s house expenses on his own!

2 years on, he has not asked his father for any money and even gives money to his mother for household expenses. He says, “I feel happy to have a camera. I always carry it whenever I go on long journeys or visit new places. I want to make short films on the life of schedules tribes in villages and spread awareness.”

Dinesh is an inspiration to everyone and really lives by the saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”








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