A Fabulous & Loving Father

Rural parents make a lot of sacrifices to ensure that their children are provided with good education, so that they can create a better lives for themselves.

The fabulous father, Vinaynaik

We have two bright sparks in Rollakal School, a brother and sister duo ā€“ Tagore and Hindu, in Class 6 and 5 respectively. Their father, Vinaynaik, is a widower, who lost his wife when Hindu, their daughter was born. The tragedy of becoming a single father to such young children made him decide to never remarry. He wanted to focus his attention on raising his children with love and care, like a mother.

L&R: Hindu & Tagore, with their grandparents, in Rollakal village

In order to provide for them, he had to make the difficult decision to work in Hyderabad as a labourer. He has ensured that his children have a loving home with his parents, who dote on them. Both children are thriving, demonstrating sincerity, hardwork and good results in both academics and extracurricular activities.

They are also very talented. Tagore is a budding artist who draws fabulous pictures of Gods, Goddesses and animals. Hindu is a good folk dancer who performs regularly in school functions.

It is heartwarming to see the bonding in this family, with a father, who is completely dedicated to ensuring that his children have the bright future they deserve.


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